Which is Better: Deck Restoration or Deck Replacement?

An outdoor deck that connects your home to the outdoors is a significant benefit for your home. Nothing makes evenings more complete than spending time on your deck with close friends and family. Signs of wear or damage often cause homeowners to consider whether they should get their decks restored or replaced. Here are considerations to help you make that decision.

Deck Restoration
Deck restoration can serve as an inexpensive way to upgrade your home’s exterior without spending as much time or money as you would on a replacement.

If your deck is suffering from damage or purely aesthetic issues such as fading color or stain then investing in resealing and minor repairs may be enough to restore your deck to its natural beauty.

A deck restoration usually involves:

  • A Stained & Freshly Painted Wood Surface
  • Freshly Sanded Stairs and Handrails
  • A Power-Washing That Removes Excessive Buildup of Dirt and Grime
  • Replacement of Lose Nails and Screws
  • Replacement of just a few worn boards

Common Problems found during Deck Restoration that Escalates

  1. More boards need to be replaced than initially anticipated. Often you don’t know how much of your deck boards need to be replaced until you get into the project. More material means more money.
  2. Finding other problems like termites while your deck is repaired. If termites are found, you may need to hire a pest control specialist to check the deck and surrounding areas before proceeding with your repair project. 

Deck Replacement

Replacement is the only sure way to remedy severely damaged or deteriorated decking.  Decks are exposed year-round to outdoor elements, making them highly susceptible to harm from harmful UV rays and excess water if they have not been adequately pre- sealed. The following common deck problems are a good indication that it is time to replace your deck: 

  • Wood decay 
  • Water damage 
  • Mold/algae growth 
  • Gaps between boards
  • Wobbly rails
  • Loose screws and nails 
  • Decay around the outer edges of deck frame
  • Spongy deck surface
  • Soft spots that dip when walked on 
  • Several broken boards 
  • Weak structure 

In any case, seeking a professional opinion is the best way to determine the right treatment for your deck. Tripoint Decks has been the homeowner’s choice deck builders in Cary, N.C. for over 15 years due to our design process, attention to detail, and knowledgeable engineering and craftsman staff. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We work with you through every project stage to ensure your deck or screen enclosure meet your expectations, and is within your budget. 

Let us help you bring your outdoor space to life with a complete plan and free estimate.

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