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If your having issues with rot or structural damage in your deck or screen porch don't tear it down. TriPoint can save you money with a recondition or partial rebuild.

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We Can Rescue Your Aged Deck

Did you know that TriPoints deck restoration can save you 50% or more of the cost versus completely rebuilding?

Your deck is the outdoor staple of your home—where you host family barbeques, sunbathe, drink morning coffee and relax with a good book. But unfortunately, inevitable poor weather conditions not only make walking barefoot on your deck a splintery pain, but often times ruins the wood and structure of your deck. This makes it important for you to restore it at least every 2 years in order to avoid a costly rebuild.

TriPoint Decks has experienced, knowledgeable and friendly carpenters who can restore your deck back to new. Whether you just need us to power wash and stain, sand and paint, or reinstall new wood boards, we can do it all for you in a professional and quality manner.

A common problem with poorly constructed decks is the growth of “brown rot”. This fungus known as brown rot is very common in North Carolina. It typically hides in the core of the wood where it maintains necessary moisture for it to live off of by using the wood as food. Being able to find the brown rot in its early stages is essential to salvaging your deck and extending the life of your custom deck. We ensure your custom deck stays healthy and continues to look good by thoroughly inspecting your custom deck.

Turn To The Deck Restoration Experts

One of our many specialties is complete custom deck repair. Many times, there is no need to replace an entire deck or sometimes the finances just aren’t there. Maybe you’re looking to sell your home and a quick but effective polish is all you need.

We pride in saving our customers thousands of dollars by giving old decks new life by turning them into amazing new-looking custom decks. 

We Thoroughly Inspect Your Deck

At TriPoint Decks we are dedicated to our customers and ensuring they feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the process. We have gathered the following information as a courtesy to you. This will give you the opportunity to perform your own inspection and help you with your decision making.

Decks are flat surfaced, they are advocates to holding water damage. They hold in moisture when it rains, snows, or simply whenever you rinse them off. One effective method to identify rotting wood is tapping on it with a hammer. Hard, solid wood makes a higher pitch and will kick back with just a light blow. For older rotting wood you will feel a bit spongy and carries almost no sound pitch when it’s tapped on by a hammer. Visual inspection is another effective method for inspection. Long cracks along the grain make it suspect to have been absorbing water, but it salvageable depending on the time frame of the existing cracks. Once the visual test is completed the hammer test will be able to determine if the crack can be filled or if they will need to be replaced. Some people opt to just paint over the cracks and the damaged material not realizing how poor the results will actually be.

We’ll give you a free professional estimate and will tell you upfront whether or not your boards need to be replaced and avoid any surprises.

Signs it may be time for some help

Deck Restoration Paint & Stain Options

TriPoint Decks is here to help you with all of your deck repairs and restoration needs including paint and stain options. We can leave your deck looking like new and all you have to do is just call us!

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